Monday, 29 June 2015

Changing your make up to compliment a new hair colour.

Since I have dyed my hair pink (see the results on my instagram) I have felt the need to wear more make up to compliment my new hair.   To be honest it suits me for the time being as winter in Melbourne has definitely meant I can wear more make up.  If you are thinking about a colour change don't forget to update your make up too.

Heres a few tips to change up your make up for a bit of a hair change.

{Going darker}

~ Chances are if you are going darker or richer in colour you will need to warm up your complexion somewhat to stop you from looking washed out... enter bronzer stage left.  Use it in a sculptural way as opposed to piling it all on all over (particularly if like me you are in winter right now) read how to Contour with Powder Bronzer.
~ Check your eyebrow colour still works.  I have always wanted to ask Rock N Roll Bride creator Kat Williams how she decides on what eyebrow colour to use when she has blue hair, in reality I know what colour I would use if I was doing her make up but it's something you really need to get right.  If you're going for a darker hair tone consider whether you need to darken your brow colour.
~ I have found I need to define my eyes much more with this hair so have been using my freehand liner technique everyday.  Once you get the hang of it it really is the easiest way to do liner.  If you want a softer look you can use the same technique with an angled brush and some dark brown/grey eyeshadow. Here's the how to:

  • Hold the pen horizontally and very tight to your lashes (make sure you are using the long side of the pen)  I like to start about three quarters of the way along (this helps to keep the eye look open and wide)
  • Slowly and carefully draw small strokes along the lash line (keeping tight to the lashes) if you need to pull your eyelid up slightly to get to the lashline go ahead and do this (you don't want any gaps) aim for a thin, neat line which means you can build up thickness if required
  • Once you have your horizontal line along the lash line pull the line upwards and out (imagine your lower lashline being stretched up toward your brow as your guideline)
  • Once you are happy with the length start from the point and bring it back down at an angle to make a (kind of) triangle shape
  • Fill in the gap so it's all black read more on winged eyeliner with gel liner

  • {Going Lighter}

    ~ Depending on the look you've went for you can likely tone back on your everyday make up you can still do a lovely bronzed glow but maybe go lighter on the eye's and stick to a neutral palette
    ~ Get the eyebrows right.  Chose a lighter tone for filling and creating shape. Remember you can mix colours to ensure you don't go too dark.
    ~ Make sure your skin is glowing use an illuminator under your foundation or a highlighter on top of your base, or if like me you love to glow, use both!
    ~ Going for ombre or balayage is a great best of both worlds method for changing your hair colour you might not need to adjust your make up too much.
    ~ If you have gone a cool lighter colour (like the gorgeous greys and pastels I'm lusting over) make sure you don't use too warm a bronzer you want a subtle and light bronze enough to provide warmth but not make you look yellow/orange against cool tone hair.  The gorgeous Kelly Osbourne is showing what I mean here. Check out my lighter bronzer option in the shop the post section below.

    {Shop Now}

    Pop by my Lustworthy List for a full list of handpicked products by me where you can click straight through to buy.  This is a new project you will be able to buy under steal or splurge categories.  I hope you enjoy!

    Have you thought about a drastic hair colour change?  Did you think about you might need to change your make up or wardrobe choices? I'd love to hear about it, Amy x

    Monday, 22 June 2015

    You are doing great...

    I have never been good at taking my own advice. Its a major issue really.  I have had so many conversations with my friends over the years where I give them my age old advice nugget of wisdom which is....'don't be so hard on yourself".  I hear myself say it to others all the time and no matter what that persons situation is in life and what ever issue they are dealing with this certain piece of wisdom always seems to apply.  Because we are.  We are all too hard on ourselves.   Although I dole it to out to others I struggle to take heed of that all important lesson.  

    This is the thing there's a major gap between what we know and what we do.  I nearly pursued a PhD in this exact subject part of me wishes I did because I would one be a genius if I worked it out and two I would be totally content in that I would be doing all of the things thats you're meant to do to be ultimately happy, healthy, wealthy, fulfilled and all those other things we all are striving for and, probably, giving our selves a hard time about. 

    My friend has a saying, (and if you read this you will know who you are as I have never heard this expression pass anyone else lips in my life). I was moaning  on about some issue, a wrinkle on my forehead or a pimple that had popped up and she said 'a blind man would love to see that wrinkle' it instantly made me laugh and simultaneously realise I was being ridiculous.  The thing is we often look at ourselves in the worst light, give ourselves the hardest time, measure ourselves against others or a previous version of ourselves (I am terrible for that one)  no idea why as it's not constructive or motivating.  It's negative.   So if you are at all like me here is my little reminder to myself.  I'm saving this one as my home screen on my phone and repeating to self regularly for optimum effect.  I invite you to do the same if you like me need a little reminder....

    Have you got a little trick to remind yourself not to be so hard on yourself? I would love to hear them!

    Saturday, 23 May 2015

    Cleanse your wardrobe for the season change.

    Well there has certainly been a season change here in Melbourne and the lemon print playsuit in my wardrobe has taunted me too many times so it has been banished!  I know its awful trying to drum up the motivivation to 'gut' your wardrobe but trust me I do this twice a year (usually spring & autumn) and it is the most refreshing/rejuvenating thing you can do to your wardrobe.  Yes it will more than likely take you the best part of a day but it's almost cathartic and I promise you will feel virtuous at the end as you sit back with a well earned glass of vino.

    {benefits of the cleanse}

    • clears space which means you can find things quicker
    • allows you to see what you actually have thus giving you more outfit options
    • lets you get rid of things you no longer love
    • motivates you to fix items that require mending
    • allows you to make sensible choices on things you might need to buy to supplement your newly cleansed wardrobe.

    {be honest with yourself}

    This is your opportunity to be really honest with yourself about your style and what you actually really love in your wardrobe.  There's alot of reading out there on how to choose what to keep and what to throw when it comes to your clothes.  I do alot of clear outs and some things I just don't have the heart to say goodbye to even though I know I'll never wear again.  I keep these in a small vintage suitcase as I wonder if maybe Poppy will wear them one day (or atleast dress up in them).  I find it quite easy to be honest with myself and ask 'have i wore this recently?' if i haven't wore it this summer I doubt I will wear it the next summer so I'm usually brave enough to donate or recycle.  If you need a bit of help in making choses like this maybe do some prior reading try  "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever" by Mari Kondo  (click here to buy nowand also research into what you'd like to evolve your style into (hello Pinterest for outfit inspiration!)

    {so, lets get our cleanse on}

    This is what you will need:

    1. a messy wardrobe
    2. some vaccum pack bags
    3. a really big cup of hot tea (and potentially a biscuit or two)
    4. 'helpful' three year old assistant (optional)

    Start sorting through your things and make 5 piles of the following:

    1. Things for storing (so the things highly inappropriate for the next two seasons i.e. said lemon print playsuit/bikinis/etc)
    2. Things that may be worn in the season transition period
    3. Things to wear for the next 2 seasons (season appropriate and basics for layering)
    4. Things to donate/recycle (more on recycled fashion here)
    5. Things to mend (and get them mended!)

    I usually try to make the most out of the warmer days in the season change by layering my dresses up with jumpers and tights/boots here's a few examples of how you can do it.  Get creative it you can make your overall wardrobe more capsule you will need less clothes in total. Give it a try. Be brave.

    Denim is pretty versatile but you can make this work with lots of different kinds of dresses/skirts here's a similar idea with a more summery dress.  I'd wear this one with a neutral/grey tight and grey boots.  Just because I'm going into winter I refuse to wear only black!

    So, you're almost there! All that's left is to bag up your clothes for storage and organise your hanging rails.  I usually 'bunch' by garment colour and try to arrange by similar colours as well which makes it look a bit nicer and more aesthetically pleasing.  As I don't have a huge amount of hanging space I have also chosen to bag and store my occasion dresses for extra space.  You can do the same principal on shoes, children's wardrobes, coats etc.  And the plus is it feels like Christmas on the next cleanse when you get all your lovely storage bags back out.  Couldn't resist including a pic of my little helper that Princess Elsa dress will never go out of season for this one :)

    Are you a hoarder? Or do you love a good clear out? Let me know in the comments if you will attempt the cleanse! Please note this post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for reading, Amy x

    Wednesday, 20 May 2015

    Collins St

    Does Collins St, Melbourne have under floor heating? Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior?? I swear I'm not feeling the cold anymore!

    Thursday, 30 April 2015

    What to do when you lose your self confidence...

    ...from someone completely not qualified to provide proper advice.


    This is purely my story.  I am not really qualified to provide this kind of advice other than what pops into my head and I finally decide to listen to it after drowning it out for a few weeks/month or so, if you truly want/need reliable advice perhaps consult an actual psychologist.  Anyway so here we go with a little 'heart on my sleeve' ditty.... 

    If you don't know I moved to Melbourne with my husband and 2 kids about 4 months ago and I came here in the mindset that I was taking a break from work.  I've worked pretty much every weekend since I had my little darlings (now 3 & 5) and I just felt while I had the opportunity I would take some time, we could have some time, to just be a family at the weekends.  Well that was great but the time has come that comes to all that I must go back to work.  I say I must but no-one is making me but I'm ready and its about time I made it happen.


    The thing is, I have become to realise, without my work I've taken a real blow to my confidence.  I've realised that for me to be doing 'something' is what makes up a very important part of me, and that I'm not content not fulfilling that part of me.  I went for my first coffee morning meeting at Ollie's new school, the experience was daunting, not that the mums weren't lovely and welcoming, they weren't the problem.  The problem was mine, a problem of confidence.  My husband phoned me afterwards and asked me 'How was it?', 'Did they like you?'.  I suddenly realised I, all of a sudden, have became a person that I don't particularly like much or maybe a better way of seeing it is 'Do I admire myself much right now?' It left me thinking how can I expect these new, uber confident, and established women really like and identify with me if I don't feel myself and feel happy in myself as a person of worth.


    I wrote a whole post once about how being 'just a mum' (my words) just wasn't enough for me, I never hit publish because when I read it over I realised what I had written was probably quite offensive.  Offensive to lots of people, in all different situations and to people in those situations who I have as friends. To those of you who have decided to devote all of your time to your gorgeous kids (hats off and I mean that), it was probably a kick in the teeth to those of you who have struggled to have a family and may well give up everything to be 'just a mum', to the mums that have no choice but to work full time and often doing it all and all on their own, well I thought you'd all probably want to drop kick me.  I'm not judging anyone here and I hope the feeling is mutual.  What I am talking about is me in my situation and I would never judge anyone else so if you are offended by what your reading I promise I'm not talking about you, it's all about me (as usual).

    {decision time}

    As I walked away from that coffee morning, I made a mental decision.  Not to go home via the bakery and buy myself a big bun and latte to drown my sorrows in, but to take action and get on with it.  After you've worked hard at a successful business and left it all behind its quite daunting to go backwards.  Back to 100ish facebook followers, back to trying to establish a name for myself in an already saturated market, to be the new girl, to work hard on my blog for not many people to see it.  However and anyway, so that's where we are!

    If you're reading this and feeling the same way I urge you to take action, do something to change the way you're feeling.  Don't let it infest your thoughts and take over your thinking because trust me it will.  Even if it's baby steps decide your plan of action and stick to it.  We should all be on a journey of self development in this world whether its as a person, a parent, an employee, a manager because we've been given a bloody great opportunity in this life and we actually owe it to ourselves to just go for it.

    {made over ladies} can see my first baby step here on the blog I've made a new page dedicated to my new Made Over Ladies make up services here in sunny Melbourne (look up at the top or click here).  If you have had any interaction with me in a wedding/makeover/lesson capacity please pop a comment here (scroll down to the little pencil icon) and let people know your thoughts...give me a hand up this steep little ladder back up to my own standard when I can say I've got it back and I'm feeling good because you know what, I miss it and I will get it back.

    Soundtrack today was 'Beneath your Beautiful' by Labrinth I too have built my walls a little bit too high x

    Tuesday, 24 March 2015

    Making it Happen with Heather Masterton

    Today we meet Heather Masterton for our #MAKEITHAPPEN series.  Much like myself Heather carved out a working life to suit her family life and, most of all, her priorities.  Want to know how to do it all? Read on...

    My name is Heather, I’m a 29 year old first time Mum with a 9 month old daughter. I’m the editor of a Scottish wedding blog which features real weddings with real stories, styled shoots and advice on the overwhelming process of wedding planning. I like to champion weddings in Scotland and small Scottish businesses. I do this by running a small networking group of wedding suppliers; we meet up once a month, big each other up on social media, and work together on styled shoots and most recently a ‘Wedding Workshop’

    I’ve been writing Braw Brides since January 2013, after getting married in May 2012 I just couldn’t leave the wedding world behind and saw an opportunity to work with and help some lovely businesses who had helped me create the wedding day of my dreams, and I wanted to continue to network with people in this creative industry. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and after spending 6 years in the print trade and another year as an events co-ordinator, it was already time to do something different.

    {the journey}

    I’ve tried a few ‘business’ opportunities… I’m an all or nothing personality and found I never wanted anything enough to give it my all (apart from in my running career, but that’s another story), until I fell pregnant. I want to spend all my time with my child so much that there there was no way on earth I was going back to full time employment.

    I’m going to make a bold statement but it is honestly how I feel; working a full time job and raising a child is not an option for me, we would not have started a family if I had to go back to work full time. End of. I know some people do it and thats fine, I couldn't and won’t, and I’m willing to sacrifice things for that time with my child, for example, doing up our house quickly, or going on holiday, or on a personal note, my gym career has taken a dive, as has my wine drinking career. Who cares, we’re together.

    I just want to be the best woman I can be.

    Braw Brides is giving me enough of the ‘me’ time I need, but the be all and end all is raising our baby.

    I’m goal orientated so working on Braw Brides is just an endless list of goals to hit, which is what drives me. Seeing people motivated and passionate about what they do is something else that I love, and that’s where my small networking group comes in.

    {support along the way}

    I read a lot of articles, I didn't think I did until I say things to people and it always starts with ‘I read online that…’ I read, or start to read, a lot of books… recommendations being ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, ‘How Not to F*** them Up’, ‘How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool’ ‘How to Start a Business from your Kitchen Table’ ‘Born to Run’ ‘Bounce; The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice’

    I keep an open mind; I’ll literally try anything. If someone suggests it, or I read it, I’ll give it a go. Attachment parenting, okay, I get that. Slings, yep. Breastfeeding, one of my biggest achievements. See that placenta tablet thing, I’d try it, and I’m not afraid to say it (told my husband that yesterday, he didn't look so impressed). Barefoot running, that’s cool. 

    Yoga is one of the best things; I try to keep doing it. Bikram yoga, even better.

    I’m from Glasgow; not a lot of folk do the above stuff ^^

    My Dad is one of my resources, he’s the most open minded person ever.

    {how to achieve the goal}

    Know your own mind. Make decisions quickly. Don’t question them. Make lists.

    If it goes wrong, accept it (I’m still learning that one)

    Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks (Reaaaalllly still learning that one).

    {words of wisdom}

    Never say ‘I don’t really have a choice’ because you do.

    {days off are important} 

    Oh how this has changed from only a year ago… yoga, swim with the baby, play with my Mums puppy, laugh with my husband before falling asleep.  

    {an inspirational woman is...}

    My daughter inspires me every day to be the best woman I can be. Her tiny personality amazes me already and I want to do the best I can to nurture her and help her grow. "Strong Women, may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them." 

    "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.” JK Rowling

    You can find Heather at which features real weddings with real stories, styled shoots and advice on the overwhelming process of wedding planning. It really is a go to if you are planning a wedding wherever you are in the world it's jam packed full of gorgeous wedding inspiration, looking for an insight into Heather's mumlife pop over to her instagram for an adorable dose of #daisybaby isn't she gorgeous? 
    Connect with Braw Brides here:

    If you are reading from anywhere other than Scotland here's a little FYI from Amy...

    1. fine, good, or pleasing.
      "it was a braw day"

    Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Making it happen with Sharon Fitzmaurice

    Today we meet Sharon Fitzmaurice for our #MAKEITHAPPEN series in honour of International Women's Day that I am continuing throughout the month of March.  Sharon's journey shows how its possible to overcome adversity, a truly inspiring woman.

    I am a 44 year old woman, married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful teenage children, a boy and a girl - a gentleman's family in Ireland! Along with my role as a wife and Mother, I also work as a Meditation Teacher/facilitator, Angel Reiki Therapist/Teacher, Happiness Coach and Psychic Medium, just to name a few :-) I am so blessed to be able to work around my family and choose my own hours of business and being able to take 'time off' when needed, I only have me to ask.

    {the journey}

    In 2004 I miscarried my third child and it broke me, I fell apart. I relaise now it was the best thing that ever happened to me asI finally started to question myself and what I really wanted from life. I started to count all the blessings in my life and work from there. As a result of my mind being so confused I started to meditate, through this daily practise, I started to find calm and peace in my life. I had a place to go where I could find clarity and guidance from my own inner strength, strength I never really truly believed I had inside of me. The more clarity I got, the more I could see myself and where my strengths and abilities lay. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life apart from still being a great mother to my kids, I knew there was more!

    {support along the way}

    The resources I used came from deep within, it was a pushing of myself to continue to get better and to go out into the world with my message that I could do anything if I set my mind to it and believed, this was a message I wanted to share with all others, especially women. When I started out there was only text and email, social media was still unknown to me so I relied on weekly emailing to my contacts and asking them to spread or share the word. I gave weekly hand-outs to my groups with tips on to help them on their journeys and shared stories of my own daily struggles and achievements to encourage them and also remind myself what we can do even through our challenges.

    {how to achieve the goal}

    Firstly be realistic when you start off, don't try and do everything at once. When you set a small goal for yourself and achieve it, you will be more determined and motivated to reach your next goal. The more you achieve the more you want to do, the more strength and self-belief you have in yourself and your business. Feeling a sense of achievement is amazing as you start off, but you must stay focused and grounded in what your initial goal was, you may build on it as it and you grow and develop. There is no limit to your potential but don't try to do everything at once, one thing at a time, one day at a time. And most of all, keep enjoying it. 
    {words of wisdom}

    We all need support and trying to do everything is just not realistic or practical. Ask for help and assistance when you need it, don't be afraid to fail, just get back up and try again. 

    {days off are important} 

    Yes it's important to keep your priorities in your mind but remember to give yourself some fun and downtime. Try and schedule in hours for your work and stick to them. With all the social media at the moment, you may feel as if you have to be constantly online and this eats away at your downtime. Keep everything in balance and you will be a healthy, successful and very happy person :-)

    Sharon Fitzmaurice is a Spiritual Channel for Healing and Guidance. Sharon works as a Reiki & Seichem Master, Teacher & Practitioner in person and also distantly. She facilitates meditation groups, workshops & retreats in Ireland and abroad if requested. Sharon works alongside your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit in helping you heal yourself. You can connect with her on the following links.