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Fresh Headshots & glitter in my pants (!)

I am so excited to share these images from my Fresh Headshots session with Jessica Roberts, a fab wedding & familyView full post »

Overcoming if

‘If’ is such a small word isn’t it?  Or is it? Just two little letters that can just stop you inView full post »

The Long Lasting Lip

This is a quickie! How do you make your lipstick last? I am not going to say last all day because you know what itView full post »

Don’t be Beautiful?

I read a piece recently on “don’t be beautiful“.  It caught my eye because I use the wordView full post »


My Aunty once told me I was born in the wrong decade. She’s probably right 90’s is sooo in right now andView full post »

Three steps to naturally gorgeous eco-conscious skin…featuring Beautiful Because.

I worry about what chemicals my family and I ingest.  As a professional makeup artist I realise that a lot of theView full post »

Facelift? Anyone?

Have you got a spare 30 minutes? Get yourself a facelift! Ok I jest.  I think your face is just perfect the way it isView full post »

The truth about guilt.

I’m writing this with a glass of wine on my desk. I don’t feel guilty. I should feel guilty. I usuallyView full post »

Subscribe to access my secret posts x

Have you stumbled across the secret post pages and wondering how you can access all my extras?  There’s no secretView full post »

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