My top 5 tips for wedding makeup you’ll love!

I love weddings.  I did my first wedding as a professional makeup artist some 8 years ago now and I can safely say to this day it is my favourite special event to be involved in.  The vibe is just so much fun…a gorgeous excited girl to get ready for the biggest day of her life and some fab girlfriends, mums & aunties all there to see you shine!  Now, here I am in Brisbane about to start my business for the third time!!  I felt it was about time for my top 5 tips for wedding makeup that you’ll look back on and love for years after and share some gorgeous behind the scenes pics from Elani & Derek’s gorgeous city wedding that I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for.

My top five tips:

  1. Not strictly make up but…set the scene…have your room all set up with what you’ll need for a chilled out morning.  The best weddings I have been at is where you have the hair and makeup come to you this way you can totally chill.  I am used to working alongside other wedding professionals so we can work together to get you all ready in plenty of time with zero stress.  Have a wedding playlist set up or chose a few spotify playlists you love to have playing in the background, if you feel you might be anxious in the morning perhaps a diffuser with some calming essential oils filtering through the room can help you keep calm.  Button down shirts or robes are perfect for relaxing in and I think make great bridesmaid gifts.  Have some snacks ordered to come up to your room or buy some finger sandwiches & fruit platters to keep you all sustained through the morning.  Chilled champagne glasses and strawberries are an necessity!  Ask your girls in advance to keep on top of keeping the room today it doesn’t take long for a group of girls to make a bit of mess and if your photographer is coming up to your room minimising clutter is a good idea
  2. Prep baby….like anything in life when you prep for it you get better results.  For beautiful skin it’s an inside and outside plan required.  Be kind to yourself: drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet with loads of good fats and protein, look after yourself, sleep as much as you can, treat yourself with facials and use natural products that are gentle to your skin where possible.  Fall in love with oils, cleanse your face with oil, apply oil to your wet skin (I keep a jar of coconut oil in the shower and just smear it everywhere on wet skin, that and dry body brushing is a great combination for keeping normal skin in tip top condition.  If you have skin complaints you need help with go to a dermatologist in plenty of time so you can see results prior to the big day.  Use sunscreen always but especially on the run up to the wedding you don’t want any burns or lines.
  3. Living in a warm climate or just afraid of shine?  Chances are we have already discussed this on your trial but I want to assure you this isn’t something to stress about for your wedding makeup .  I suggest using a mattifying primer under your makeup and tag teaming it with a a long stay foundation for extra insurance.  Let me confirm to you that this doesn’t mean your skin will look anything other than natural and glowing.  By your wedding we will already have done your trial so you will know exactly what you will be having but if by chance you’ve changed your mind about a certain element of your makeup thats totally fine feel free to say.  Please also don’t think that just because you are the bride it doesn’t mean you are not human and a bit of shine is normal!  My custom buffing brush and a few other secret weapons can help keep you looking and feeling fresh.
  4. Stay true to your heart.  Make up changes with the times.  I’ve written before on why I prefer a natural finish when it comes to my makeups.  As I write this post I have the Kardashians on in the background (guilty pleasure!)…I’ve came to realise that quite heavy contouring has come to be seen as a normal/everyday look.  Well of course it’s not.   Yes I do contouring in every makeup I do but what I do is subtle, natural and face enhancing…nothing else.  Theres no dirty stripes, no runway landing noses.  We want you to look like you…never loose sight of that with the promise of a sculpted face!
  5. That being said…don’t be afraid to shine!  If you want to go for a smokey eye and a statement lip lets do it! That excites me.  At the end of the day I want you to feel amazing on your big day and that means going for a makeup that you love, makes you feel empowered and gives you a big old confidence boost for heading out for your big day!

A look behind the scenes:

Elani and Derek had a chilled, urban wedding at super chic Melbourne venue the QT.  These girls knew how to get ready in style and really made the most of their morning together, after all your wedding morning will give you some amazing memories just as much as the rest of your big day! Hope you enjoy these behind the scenes images by Jason Le Photography, Hair by Narelle Burns and me on makeup.  Elani and Derek are the first couple I know to have a ‘first look’ before the ceremony…I just love their faces….so much love!



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