Why I opt for natural skin….

natural wedding formal makeupPINIMAGESometimes I’m meant to be doing something on my to do list and a notion takes over and I decide to do something completely different (like today I should be putting the knowledge thats currently in my head onto a piece of paper that my lovely ladies who come to saturdays lesson will takeaway with them) so I thought instead of doing that I’ll write this blog post…why not make my life harder!

Anyway, I want to explain myself as to why I always go on about natural looking skin.  I feel like I’m always repeating myself when I say I like to skin to look like skin but here’s my top reasons why I choose a natural look for my bridal and formal event makeups.

  1. I want you to look like you.  You are an INDIVIDUAL.  I’m not a big fan one size fits all makeup it basically makes me feel a little dead inside (I know I’m sooo dramatic).
  2. The now infamous Kim K style contour and highlight routine does not suit everyone nor do people necessarily want it.  I love a touch of highlighter placed strategically to lift the face and create definition but layers upon layers of product and too much highlighter is dangerously bordering on drag makeup territory (which is fine if thats the look your going for but I’d stop reading this now as I don’t think you are going to like me much)
  3. If you have gorgeous freckles the last thing I want to do is cover them up I think you look stunning!
  4. I want you to look back at your photos with fondness and familiarity not how fashionable your makeup was at the time (any 80’s brides out there want to vouch for this statement??)
  5. Am I right in thinking that fresh faced and glowing skin makes you think of happiness and youthfulness? I know I’m not the only one that wants to make myself look better by wearing my makeup.
  6. Your wedding photos are going to be your prized possession lets make sure you and your grandkids look back and can recognise you in them.
  7. I’m all for playing with colour and experimenting but doing so with a natural skin is going to look so much more modern and contemporary…trust me.
  8. There’s a difference between brightening and blinding…make sure your makeup artist is choosing products based on your skin tones.
  9. I have been asked before for ‘natural but cakey’ makeup…that’s not a thing and in my opinion never should be.
  10. Unless you are planning on a landing a plane on the bridge of your nose seriously think about nose contouring….

I sound like a right grumpy so and so don’t I….anyway if we are on the same page I hope you had bit of a chuckle alongside me and if you don’t agree I may not be the right makeup artist for you!!  However I get that makeup can have a transformative effect and that is amazing but lets use its powers for good and not evil and help both us and our younger generations realise our most natural selves are our most gorgeous selves.

Head over to my Instagram to see more images of the gorgeous Phoebe and Hannah who inspired this post after doing their makeup for the Secret Garden Themed Concierge Ball, at Crown Casino, Melbourne.  Two beautiful ladies inside and out…much love xx

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